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Luke Yakushev
Luke Yakushev

Tom Gregory Fingertips Audio

We specialise in taking your art to the next level.We love Mix Engineering, audio recording/ editing, production and mastering across all genres with artists, groups and bands. Experienced in Jazz/ Classical / Acoustic (Detailed self balancing) to Hip-Hop, Rock/Soul and Jungle.

Tom Gregory Fingertips Audio


Visitors may enhance their experience with a new curator-led mobile guide available on the Bloomberg Connects App, using their own phones rather than borrowed devices. This free downloadable guide features new audio commentary by Frick curators that highlights each room within three floors of Frick Madison display as well as on the majority of individual works of art and major groups. Users can explore the collection by medium in pages of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, as well as categorized by geography, mirroring the approach to display in the Breuer building. The guide also features thematic galleries on a range of topics, among them Monsters and Beasts, Ships, Jewelry, Hats, Loves of the Gods, and Clouds. This well-illustrated app is available everywhere via the Apple App Store and Google Play, and can be downloaded at Frick Madison through our free wifi.

This open-access book empowers its readers to explore the acoustic world of animals. By listening to the sounds of nature, we can study animal behavior, distribution, and demographics; their habitat characteristics and needs; and the effects of noise. Sound recording is an efficient and affordable tool, independent of daylight and weather; and recorders may be left in place for many months at a time, continuously collecting data on animals and their environment. This book builds the skills and knowledge necessary to collect and interpret acoustic data from terrestrial and marine environments. Beginning with a history of sound recording, the chapters provide an overview of off-the-shelf recording equipment and analysis tools (including automated signal detectors and statistical methods); audiometric methods; acoustic terminology, quantities, and units; sound propagation in air and under water; soundscapes of terrestrial and marine habitats; animal acoustic and vibrational communication; echolocation; and the effects of noise. This book will be useful to students and researchers of animal ecology who wish to add acoustics to their toolbox, as well as to environmental managers in industry and government.

With your knowledge of industry, culture, and the arts, take your musicianship and business savvy into a career as a music industry professional. Discover how to lay audio tracks, promote an album, understand royalties and copyrights, and develop as an artist. If you have ambitions of working on a record label, producing your own music, or promoting artists, our Bachelor of Science degree in Music, with studies in music industry & recording technology is ideal.

With so much technology at our fingertips, it's tough not to get swept away in all the noise and clutter. In our society there's often a tendency to live passively by simply "going with the flow." In this talk given at a FOCUS national conference, Fr. Mike Schmitz explains how we need to live an intentionally Christian life within a technological age.

2.The third edition of Microbes in Motion by Gloria Delisle and Lewis Tomalty is an interactive CD-ROM that brings microbiology to life. A correlation guide on the CD links this exciting resource directly to your textbook. This easy to use tutorial can go from the classroom to the resource center to student's own personal computers. Microbes in Motion brings discovery back into the learning and education process through interactive screens, animations, video, audio, and hyperlinking questions. The applications of this CD-ROM are only as limited as your good ideas.

3.The second edition of Hyperclinic by Lewis Tomalty and Gloria Delisle is packed with over 100 case studies and over 100 case studies and over 200 pathogens supported with audio, video, and interactive screens. Students will have fun and gain confidence as they learn valuable concepts and gain practical experience in clinical microbiology.

Through the Prescott 2002 Online Learning Center, everything you need for effective, interactive teaching and learning is at your fingertips. Moreover, this vast McGraw-Hill resource is easily loaded into course management systems such as WebCT or Blackboard. Through the Online Learning Center, you will also link to McGraw-Hill's new site with a huge dynamic array of resources to supplement your learning experience in microbiology.

As we saw in the previous two chapters, there are a number of challenges associated with recording and managing empirical material generated through research interviews and ethnographic fieldwork. For instance, how do we record our observations if we are not able to take photographs or make video-recordings? What if participating in the activities that we are meant to observe makes it inconvenient or even impossible to use a notepad? What about conversations and interviews? How do we keep note of what is being said if we are not allowed to or able to audio-record it? Those of us who are keen to do embodied research might find these things particularly challenging; we are not only interested in what people ... 041b061a72


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