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PES 2010 - SMoKE Patch 2.3 Vip Hack

PES 2010 - SMoKE Patch 2.3 Vip Hack

If you are a fan of PES 2010, you might be looking for a way to make the game more realistic, challenging and fun. One of the options you have is to install a patch that modifies the game files and adds new features, such as updated rosters, kits, stadiums, graphics and gameplay. One of the most popular patches for PES 2010 is the SMoKE Patch, which has been developed by a team of modders since 2009.

The SMoKE Patch 2.3 is the latest version of the patch, released in February 2023. It includes many improvements and additions, such as:

PES 2010 - SMoKE Patch 2.3 Vip Hack

Download File:

  • More than 300 new faces for players and managers.

  • More than 100 new kits for clubs and national teams.

  • More than 50 new stadiums, including some from the World Cup 2022.

  • New balls, boots, gloves and referee kits.

  • New graphics, menus, logos and scoreboards.

  • New gameplay tweaks, such as improved AI, physics and animations.

  • New teams, leagues and tournaments, such as the Copa Libertadores, the AFC Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

  • New chants, anthems and commentary languages.

To install the SMoKE Patch 2.3, you need to have a clean installation of PES 2010 on your PC. You also need to download the patch files from the official website or from other sources . The patch files are divided into two parts: Part 1 (1.5 GB) and Part 2 (1.4 GB). You need to extract both parts using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. Then, you need to follow these steps:

  • Backup then replace (pes2010.exe) and (settings.exe) with the ones from the patch.

  • Copy the kitserver folder in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 installation folder.

  • Run the SMoKE Patch Installer.exe and choose your installation folder.

  • Run the game from the pes2010.exe file or from a shortcut on your desktop.

After installing the patch, you can enjoy playing PES 2010 with new features and enhancements. However, you should be aware that installing a patch may cause some issues or errors with your game or your PC. For example, you may encounter problems with online mode, compatibility or performance. You may also risk getting viruses or malware from downloading or running unverified files. Therefore, you should always backup your original game files before installing any patch and scan any downloaded files with an antivirus program. You should also read the instructions and FAQs from the patch developers carefully before installing or using the patch.

The SMoKE Patch 2.3 is a vip hack that can make your PES 2010 experience more enjoyable and realistic. However, it is not an official update from Konami or PES Productions, and it may not work properly with your game or your PC. Therefore, you should use it at your own risk and discretion.


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