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America Buying Tower Bridge ((FULL))

Indeed after installing the bridge, land sales improved and McCulloch managed to recover all of his expenses of buying, shipping, and reconstructing the bridge. He had actually obtained the land at no cost and so it wasn't hard for the sales of the land to pay for the bridge.

america buying tower bridge


The buyer was American entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch, who had amassed a sizable fortune from boat engines, chainsaws, energy exploration, and property development. In 1963 he had paid $75 an acre for 26 square miles of seemingly worthless Arizona scrub land, and now he was buying a second-hand bridge. No wonder he was developing a reputation for eccentricity.

While the bridge cost McCulloch $2,460,000 plus relocation expenses, he recouped much of his investment by selling the granite core in the UK and shipping only the outer facade, which he then reconstructed over a new concrete support. The notion that such an astute businessman thought he was buying Tower Bridge is obviously false. In fact, a 2013 travel article in The Guardian speculated that McCullough started the rumour himself.

Tianducheng is not the only place in China where architecture has been copied from a different country. Two hours away in the Chinese city of Suzhou, known for its unique architecture and waterways, there are dozens of duplicated bridges, including a version of Paris' Pont Alexandre III and a mutated clone of London's famed Tower Bridge, featuring four towers instead of two. 041b061a72


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