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Where To Buy Tumblr Clothes

Some simmers got together and collabed on a thing when mfps came out, and I feel like it would be wonderful to have the community do a similar thing for different cultural items because there's very much not enough. I think it would be great if we had a forum (maybe a discord) where people from different cultures could post inspo for clothing and items they would like to see from their cultures, and content creators could pick up a project they feel they can do and could make it happen with the guidance of people from those cultures.

where to buy tumblr clothes

I absolutely LOVE your tumblr so much. I've bought a few pieces myself from your amazing suggestions... I've been looking everywhere for that white top Villanelle wears in Season 1 Episode 5 when her and Eve have dinner for the first time. Have any idea where to find it? Thanks!!

This is a page that contains the fashion of Reign. You may come to this page to look at the clothing that was orginally worn in real life back in the 1500s and to find out where to buy the actual outfits of Reign, the show itself.

In the thirteenth episode "The Consummation" Queen Catherine wears this Paris by Debra Moreland 14K Gold-Plated Glass Pearls and Swarovski Crystals Crown ($645). (I'm not sure where this crown can be found) 041b061a72


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