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Tough-Minded Leadership BEST

When most people think of strong leaders, they tend to think of them as emotionless or even robotic. They think that one of the best leadership skills is learning to ignore your emotions, which leads some people to think they are not cut out to be a leader. As a result, some people spend their time learning how to conceal their emotions so that they are not viewed as weak.

Tough-Minded Leadership

Both approaches reveal that someone is not mentally strong. Over time, both leaders lose the respect of their teams. You have to remember that while business is competitive, leadership is not. Tough-minded leaders do not waste time comparing themselves with others, they compare themselves to their potential. Stay humble and be honest with yourself. Leadership experience will build your confidence, and the more confident you are, the better able you will be to manage your emotions.

Allowing your emotions to influence the way you make decisions, whether they come from a place of frustration or a place of compassion, will damage your leadership brand. Your short-term emotions cannot override the best long-term decision for your company.

Be a leader that is fair, firm, and consistent at all times. Putting aside your emotions allows you to create and maintain a culture of excellence and accountability. This creates a brand and a leadership culture that will help you avoid many unnecessary discussions and explanations about your standards. As a leader, you may need to correct employees who are loved by everyone. Mentally strong leaders put aside their emotions and their concern about the possible ripple effect and have the difficult conversation. When you do, your team will know that your standards will never be compromised as long as you are leading the team.

Recently, Osberg took time to share with us her views on strong leadership. Although her wisdom springs from her many years in the social sector, much of it applies equally well to the private sector.

Host of One Earth, One Health, One With, a free, online leadership summit for healing people, planet and the future. Founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership and 86th generation Zen master, bringing decades of global leadership development and senior leadership experience (NASA), together with a deep scientific background to help you lead with uncommon wisdom and fearlessness. Author of 4 books, including the award-winning Resonate, offering practical strategies for integrating mind, body and energy to help you face the critical challenges of our time and make your greatest difference.

Take the first step towards fundamentally lifting the trajectory of your leadership. The BLUEPRINT Boot Camp will challenge and enlighten you as you explore thought-provoking questions and unearth career-altering insights.

Emerge from this boot camp armed with all the tools needed to continue to develop your leadership model throughout the course of your career. An enlightening pre- and post-program curriculum of correspondence, interaction, reading, and collaborative group work provide an ongoing leadership learning experience like no other.

For more collections of inspiring leadership quotes, check out our posts: Quotes That Inspire Greater Commitment, 37 Quotes on Reaching Life and Leadership Goals, 52 Quotes About Trust and Leadership, 26 Quotes for the Holiday Season, and 38 Quotes About Bravery and Leadership.

If there was ever a time for principled, tough-minded leadership, it is now. But, in recent years, we have experienced an epidemic of unseriousness at City Hall, aided and abetted by newspaper coverage that reports tweets as statecraft.

"Presents an inspirational volume that makes self-knowledge, intuition, courage, and commitment the prerequisites for leadership." The Wall Street Journal "Joe's new book...clearly, directly, and forcefully describes how to build a strong, unified team and optimize the potential of the people within the company." H. Ross Perot, Chairman of the Board, The Perot Group, Inc. "With the same inspiring clarity he used to enlighten and motivate us in Tough-Minded Management, Joe Bratten now focuses his powerful talent on leadership, and his message is clear...stretch/reach... believe/achieve. Tough-Minded Leadership joins Tough-Minded Management as a double-barrel must." John W. Teets, Chairman & CEO, The Greyhound Corporation "At last, a practical book that teaches us how to translate the philosophy of leadership into day-to-day behavior." Thomas S. Haggai, Chairman and President, Independent Grocers Alliance

We aim to develop these kinds of leaders at Darden. In our admissions, we look for people who are ready to grow in both ways. Our courses blend deep analytics, critical thinking, ethics, and leadership. Every class session promotes the capacity to question and shape a course of action. Our intensive use of learning teams, project groups, simulations, and plenary discussions reinforces a collaborative approach to problem solving. And many of our faculty members, through their thought-leading research, model these virtues.

Want Success? Discard Hardheadness for Tough Mindedness No one knows better than Rand Golletz what it takes to transform hard-headed executives into tough-minded leaders. As a coach, he gets executives to: *unlock the secrets of personal accountability, *think critically in making decisions every day, and *develop and sustain profitable business relationships. As an author, he distills the wisdom gleaned from his successful career as an executive, consultant, and coach into tough-minded lessons that stick. Here's how to gain this wisdom for yourself. Place Consensus is Not Kumbaya on your night table, then read one brief chapter each night before lights-out. From that one digestible lesson, take one relevant action the next day. Do this consistently and things will shift. Guaranteed.

Tough-minded Leadership offers new insights, focus, and motivation for anyone committed to greater personal effectiveness as a leader. At a time when self-confidence and self-esteem are desperately lacking, it provides specific techniques and tools to help restore them. Joe Batten helps you make the transition to tough-minded leader by explaining the thirty-five essential conversions you must make in your attitudes and the fifteen challenges you must learn to confront.

The Bucks believe Dragic's tough-minded leadership and abilities can help them off the bench in their championship pursuit. Milwaukee has won 16 straight games and overtaken the Boston Celtics for the best record in the Eastern Conference.

The answer to that question could well be decided between next week and early January. During that period, almost every top job in both the House and the Senate will switch handsthe most sweeping congressional leadership change in the 20th century. The outcome of the various races, one of them bitterly contested, could help determine how much congressional support Jimmy Carter can count on for his programs.

Adam Bryantadam.bryant@merryck.comis managing director of Merryck & Co., a senior-leadership development firm. He is the author, with Kevin Sharer, of The CEO Test: Master the Challenges That Make or Break All Leaders.

While the Kremlin despises Ronald Reagan, it also views him as a master politician. And the Soviets fear that new peaceful overtures from Washington are essentially a ploy to help the President get reelected. The Soviet leadership also claims that it will not participate in this ''deception'' aimed at world public opinion. Surely, the Soviet Union is not interested in allowing Mr. Reagan to have it both ways during the election year: to continue his hard-nosed policy and yet to appear to the voters at home and the West European public as a wise and tough-minded champion of peace and arms control.

It is a world with no shortage of troubles, but also plenty of opportunities for creative and determined American leadership. It is a world which faces the spreading dangers of weapons of mass destruction; new and more malignant forms of terrorism; unresolved regional and sectarian conflicts; failed and failing states; global economic dislocation; and transnational health, energy, illegal narcotics, and environmental concerns. It is a world in which American vision and leadership are essential in crafting relations with emergent and resurgent Great Powers, and deepening their stake in global institutions and a stable international system.

It is a world in which other people and other societies will always have their own realities, not always hospitable to ours. That doesn't mean we have to accept those perspectives or agree with them or indulge them, but it does mean that understanding them is the starting point for sensible policy. It is a world in which a little modesty in the pursuit of American interests is often a good thing, and in which there's still no substitute for setting careful priorities, and connecting means to ends. But it is also a world in which the power of our example and our generosity of spirit can open the door to profound advances, as President Bush has shown in his historic initiative against HIV-AIDS in Africa. It is a world in which our leadership should serve as a catalyst for making common cause with others. Nowhere is that more true today than in the broader Middle East, where it is hugely important to build on the Annapolis Conference and realize the promise of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and where we must strengthen regional and international support for a better future for Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a world, as Secretary Rice has said, in which America has no permanent enemies, and in which tough-minded engagement of our adversaries, such as North Korea and Iran, is a mark of strength and confidence, not weakness. And it is a world, as Secretary Gates has argued, in which the many instruments of American "soft power" ought to be expanded alongside the tools of hard power. Mr. Chairman, I look forward, if confirmed, to assisting Secretary Rice and Deputy Secretary Negroponte in coordinating our diplomacy across the major regions of the globe, and towards the alliances and international organizations which are so important to U.S. national security. I will draw as best I can on my experience in Russia and the Middle East, two regions of the world which are rarely dull but always central to American interests. I will work hard with my friends and colleagues in other agencies to promote an effective policy process. And I will also wholeheartedly support Secretary Rice's efforts, building on the work of Colin Powell, to transform and strengthen America's diplomatic capabilities for the new century before us. Taking care of our people -- of the members of the Foreign and Civil Services and the Foreign Service Nationals who serve our country with such dedication and courage in so many hard places around the world -- is not only the right thing to do, but also a powerful contribution to America's best interests. 041b061a72


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