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Alien Shooter 4 Free Download HOT!

alien shooter comes complete with a gripping storyline that includes multiple difficulty settings. kill aliens, retrieve artifacts and escape! this new arcade style game gives you total control over the action, so you can move, shoot, dash, and use all kinds of weapons to defeat the aliens and try to survive the game. alien shooter is free to play.

alien shooter 4 free download

alien shooter is a free to play horror game that you can play solo or in multiplayer with friends. aliens have invaded a military base in the remote mountains. you play a marine and your mission is to retrieve all the objects from the laboratory and escape!

alien shooter is an action shooting game where you must collect items to defeat the alien horde. the player goes through the building collecting as many items as possible. you will be able to destroy walls in the building to collect items.

alien shooter is the perfect game for those that love fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action. jump into this game and follow the story line as the main character/player, evolving through different levels as the story progresses. you'll need to use and collect weapons in order to survive the unknown. arm yourself with over 20 different types of guns to kill aliens.

alien shooter is a free to play horror game that is sure to thrill you! the player assumes the role of a marine who has been chosen to carry out a top secret mission within the facility. the player has been given explosives to open up the sealed doors into the top secret areas; they had security measures in place so there will be stationery mini-gun turrets available to take them out. there will also be a medical bag that you can use to heal your wounds.


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