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Women of Impact meets monthly to talk about life, passion, faith, scriptures and Jesus!
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grab a tea or coffee and come and join us!

You will love our mini workshops
here's why!
Its free!

Simply watch in the quiet and comfort of your home or reach out and connect with our community that welcomes you with love. Note: Pajamas and coffee cup very welcome!


Enjoy a comfortable pace of content that includes bible examples from our brave and courageous Sisters that have been before us.  Each workshop will have notes and exercises for you to download and take away.


You will be inspired and encouraged and receive tips and strategies to live out your God given purpose and be a Woman of Impact.


Join our private Facebook membership group to discuss the workshops with your loving sisters from around the world.  

We are your people and we get together every week.

Come and Join us.

The workshop duration is 60 minutes monthly so it's totally up to you if you just want to drop in or listen to a recorded version.  Due to the time differences across the world I appreciate the time does not suit everyone, however we have your back and the workshops will be recorded so you can watch it at your convenience.

Join us 

What you can learn from each workshop:

  • Coaching from me Angeline.

  • Bible stories and lessons.

  • Tools, tips and strategies to help you live your life on purpose and move beyond your limiting beliefs.

  • Encouraging scriptures on the topic for the month

      and lots more ........

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